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The Equestrian Reserve - Get To Know Our Horses

All horses have won at least one championship or reserve championship while with us and many win multiple championships year after year, so we will not be using this section to list all of their accomplishments. Instead we are going to share some interesting things about each horse in the Fun Facts listed below:

  Name:  Lacey

Registered Name:  Moonlight N Lace

Fun Facts: "Lacey" is our youngest horse at the moment. She is a really cute sorrel mare with an eager to please personality. She loves attention and she also seems to be quite cuddly if you get a chance to spend time with her. When she came to us she did not know how to even trot over poles. Now she is cantering over poles, backing through obstacles, opening and closing gates, she can perform an entire trail pattern! Her eager-to-please personality will get her far and she will become a favorite of yours quickly. Lacey was also trained in Western Pleasure so her Western gaits are smooth and flawless. She has surprised us with how quickly she has learned English as well.

    Name:  Conner

Registered Name:  Dutches Boston Mate

Fun Facts: He is a HUGE Quarter Horse gelding. I guess you could say he is Tim’s “big” brother as he towers over him. Standing at 16.2 hands, our tallest horse, he lives up to the name Gentle Giant as he is as sweet as can be and loves attention. We have been very pleased with how fast he picks up on things. He has even managed to make friends with Honey, who is very picky about whom she befriends!

  Name:  Diamond

Registered Name:  A Cherokee Diamond 

Fun Facts:  Diamond has a perfect Diamond on his face. If you look closely, you will see a double diamond. Diamond is one of the horses that all new riders use for their first lesson. Diamond really takes care of his riders. So Diamond is many of our riders’ first love.

  Name:  Samson

Registered Name:  Samsons Keepin Time

Fun Facts:  Son of Sam - Sammy is his mother and he is also the son of Docs Keepin Time, the horse who played Black Beauty in the movie.  He came into Donna’s house to watch Black Beauty on the television and broke her couch when he tried to sit on it.  Samson is the barn clown and always has tricks up his sleeve.

  Name:  Sunny

Registered Name:  Starrin Doctor Sunny 

Fun Facts:  Sunny is also the son of Docs Keepin Time, the Black Beauty movie star. He is one of our smartest horses and only our best riders can ride Sunny.

  Name:  Candyman

Registered Name:  Worth A Million

Fun Facts:  And he is “priceless”  This means he is adorable, a one in a million pony.  He doesn’t have a pony attitude because he is a registered American Quarter Pony.

  Name:  Tim

Registered Name:  Ms Scarletts Dutchman 

Fun Facts:  Tim is a very pretty sorrel quarter horse and our only horse with a flaxen mane and tail.  Another nickname Tim has is "Fabio."  He has the longest forelock of all the horses in the barn.

  Name:  Jessie

Registered Name:  Shez Skip N Good

Fun Facts:  Granddaughter of Zippo Pine Bar, Jessie came to us from an AQHA Western Pleasure trainer. When ridden with an experienced rider you can see she moves just like her grandpa. She has a sweet face and soft eyes.

  Name:  Honey

Registered Name:  Honey B Leaguer

Fun Facts:  Honey isn’t necessarily sweet, but she is beautiful!  She is our only “black” horse and is also a beautiful mover .  She is soft as silk and in the winter her coat looks like velvet.

  Name:  Zippy

Registered Name: 

Fun Facts:  Guess his name?  Is it Zippin All Around, Pull My Zipper, or Zippity Do Da?



  Name:  Toby

Registered Name:  JDG Whoz on First 

Fun Facts:  Toby does many things to amuse himself! He is very loveable.

  Name:  Darling

Registered Name:  Dutches Darling

Fun Facts: Darling is a sorrel mare with a big heart. She is Tim’s full little sister, and they certainly act like it. She is very sweet but also very curious and alert. She has come a long way from when she first came to us, and is now one of the first horses many students ride here. Her markings are adorable and it looks as though she has small hearts and diamonds on her legs.

    Name:  Dreamy

Registered Name: My Zippos Dreamer

Fun Facts: We are very happy to have such a sweet and energetic gelding like Dreamy. He has the sweetest personality and a beautiful trot. He is younger and has a lot to learn but is very willing to please. He is great at jumping and is learning to do Western classes as well!

    Name:  Finn

Registered Name: Final Deed

Fun Facts:  Finn is our only Thoroughbred, and actually had a brief career on the racetrack, making him an OTTB (Off the Track Thoroughbred). He still has a bit to learn, but is very loveable and eager to please!

    Name: Dancer

Registered Name:  Hes A Shy Dancer

Fun Facts: Dancer is our second tallest horse, and another relative to Conner, Tim and Darling, having the same grandfather and Zippo Pine Bar breeding. He is very sweet, eager to learn and adorable with his long ombre mane and forelock.

  Name:  Satchmo

Registered Name:  Satchmo Aint Misbehavin

Fun Facts:  Satchmo is a dark bay gelding. He has a background in Eventing and is a well rounded horse, he’s smart and is learning to do little bit of everything. His sweet personality and smooth stride will win over any rider.

  Name:  Murphy

Registered Name:  Soul Saver

Fun Facts:  Standing at 16.1 hands tall, Murphy is a sweet, goofy appendix that loves the hunter/jumper ring, trails, and anyone willing to give him a peppermint. “Murph” is a very willing, trusting horse and an amazing jumper. He puts a lot of faith in his rider and expects the same in return. Murphy loves people and makes friends everywhere he goes with his gentle, curious nature.


Horses to be remembered:


No one can say why these things happen but what we can do is celebrate the life they had. The bonds will never be broken and memories cherished. Thank you to these amazing creatures for being an amazing part of The Equestrian Reserve and holding a special place in our hearts, you will never be forgotten. We are very grateful of our students and families that come together to help mourn during times like these. The Equestrian Reserve is truly blessed to have such an amazing family both human and horse.

  Name:  Chief

Registered Name:  Sages Cherokee Chief

Chief was the one who started it all. He made the long journey with Donna from Colorado to Alpharetta and we couldn’t have asked for a better horse to start the program, 14 years ago. Chief started growing spots and turned into our “polka-dot” horse. He had 281 spots that came randomly throughout the years. He may have been older, at the age of 25, when he sadly passed, but had the heart and spirit of a 2 year old. Sage means wise one and Chief means leader. Chief truly lived up to his name and was the most intelligent horse I have ever owned and he was definitely the leader of his group. He stood proud at night watching over his younger brothers, Diamond, Samson, and Sunny. The brotherhood between Diamond and Chief is unlike any I have ever seen in the horse world. If one went outside, the other would pace and whinny until they were re-united. As you can imagine, losing Chief didn’t only affect us but his brothers, it truly is amazing how close their bonds become and almost have a human like brother relationship, bickering at each other but loving each other unconditionally. There is always that one horse that changed your life and touched your heart as no other horse can, and that horse to Donna was Chief. He is greatly missed by all of us, but his ribbons and plaques brighten up the office here and remind us everyday of how truly talented he was.

  Name:  Hoochie

Registered Name:  Redneck Hoochie Mama

Hoochie provided so much love and her hilarious personality touched all of hearts. Everyone that has had the opportunity to ride her can tell you all about her “Hoochie dance.” You always knew if Hoochie was around because all you can hear is her lips flapping away, made me laugh every time I stepped foot in the barn. She was always ready to go, go, go and did not like being left out of activities. Her energy and comical attitude placed her as some of our student’s favorites. She was only 10 when she passed, too soon for such a sweet girl, we know she is in heaven doing her “Hoochie side-step” with Dollar and Chief prancing right along side her.


Name:  Eleven Grand “Dollar” 1985-2011


Dollar was one of the first horses that many new riders used when they first came to The Equestrian Reserve..  He was a retired Thoroughbred race horse and he was also a jumper most of his life before he came to us. He was with us for ten years.  He was the gentle giant and will always be loved and remembered by us and most of our students. We hope he is happy in his home in heaven where angels are horses.

  Name:  Nipper

Registered Name:  Sweet Rhythm  

He lived up to both of his names. We called him Nipper because he would always be looking for treats in your pockets. His registered name of Sweet Rhythm really stands out for him. He had the smoothest canter in the whole barn. Since Nipper was actually part Arabian he carried his head with a perfect arch showing confidence in every stride. In his younger years he was an incredible jumper. Although Nipper was older, he had a spirit of a young horse. He had such a patient heart with kids and other horses. Every time a new horse would come to the property Nipper would be the one to be their pasture pal and help them get used to their new home. We really love Nipper and those who got the opportunity to ride him do as well. We will miss you Sweet Rhythm.


Name:  Limo


Limo was many riders’ first love here at the Equestrian Reserve. Her kindness and patience with our younger riders was incredible, and she taught each student something new, whether she was the first horse they jumped, trotted or cantered. She was slow and steady when she needed to be, but could barrel race with the best of ‘em when the time came. Andrea owned her for nearly 15 years, both at the Equestrian Reserve and at her new home in Hilton Head. Limo spent the last few years having the time of her life, galloping along the East Coast beaches and trotting along trails with Andrea. Andrea and the rest of the riders Limo touched will miss her dearly.




Moving On:


  Name:  Ava

Ava retired and is now living with her original owner.

  Name:  Doodle

Doodle moved on to UGA.

  Name:  Rita

Registered Name:  Senorita Night Chex

Fun Facts: Rita has moved to a new home to enjoy life with her new owner to travel the country side doing beautiful trail rides.

    Name: Baylor

Registered Name:  Got Em Goin

Fun Facts: Baylor is now living with Drew, who owned him for the past few years at the Equestrian Reserve. He was developing some eye problems that was beginning to hinder his sight making him less suitable for a lesson program. We believed he would do best with a one person owner. So Drew moved him to another facility where she will be able to give him the care he needs. Baylor is an adorable little dark bay who touched many lives during his time at the Equestrian Reserve, and we wish him all the best in his new adventure!

  Name:  Trip

Registered Name:  Triple Lover

Fun Facts:  "Trip" came to us when he was about 28 years old from another barn who didn't have enough children around for him to love on. He needed a job and was so happy the first day here, he ran around in pasture for hours leaping for joy. He was great with the children, loved baths, and was a great for teaching new show team members showmanship. In Spring 2020, Trip had turned 32 years old and we made the decision to retire him to a home where he could live out the rest of his life in a large grassy pasture. We took him to Red Clay Equine Rescue and Sanctuary in Lyerly, GA, where he will live out his days in a beautiful expansive pasture. While Trip was very well loved here and we're sad to see him go, at 32 years old he was ready to retire from working. We are thrilled to have found him a retirement home such as this one and couldn't imagine a better place for him. We know he will be very happy at Red Clay.

Check out Red Clay's website here They have 180 acres of land with large pastures and take in horses from all walks of life - blind horses, injured horses, abused horses, underweight horses, etc. and work to satisfy each horse's needs. With 180 acres divided into many different pastures to group horses together with similar needs it is a breath-takingly well cared for and beautiful environment. They are a fully licensed 501c3 non profit organization and 100% of donations go to care of their 80 horses. Donations are what keep them going and they typically go through a half ton of feed a day! These 80 horses will truly get to live out their live there and will be buried there. It is a final forever home for them. If you'd like to donate to their cause and Trip's retirement home, please click here:


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